Paver Services:

Cleaning, Sanding, Sealing

Let Paul’s Pressure Washing restore the beauty of your pavers!

Don’t take on the high cost of replacing your worn and wobbly pavers! An older surface can be restored. Bring back its original beauty and usability with the industry’s best cleaning solutions that meet the needs of even the most challenging transformations.

Paver Cleaning, Sanding, Sealing | Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake Virginia
Paver Cleaning Sealing Sanding | Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk

Partnering with Trusted Industry Leaders

Paul’s Pressure Washing has a reputation for laser-sharp attention to detail and stellar service. We’ve partnered with a true industry leader, Trident, to ensure that our customers get the same quality and professionalism on paver projects as they’ve come to expect with exterior cleaning. Paul’s crew offers a comprehensive and professional paver cleaning, sanding, and sealing service you can trust.

Whether you have a new paver installation and need help with a maintenance plan, or an older surface that needs its stability and beauty restored, our team can help! Contact us to learn about the services our expertly-trained crew can provide.

We use Trident cleaners, which are designed to take on the toughest stains, restoring and maintaining your paver surface at a whole new level. A surface properly cleaned by our crew will look its best and provide optimal conditions for sealer adhesion and performance.

The stabilization of new joint sand (a process to harden the sand) in an interlocking segmental paver system keeps the surface looking its best and safe by preventing sand loss. Properly-sanded pavers also prevent sand loss, deter weed growth, and prevent insect infestation.

When it comes to long surface life, protection is key. We use Trident sealers, which are tested and proven to protect your pavers from the damaging effects of harsh UV rays, water penetration, stains and salt damage, and the wear-and-tear of everyday use.

After restoring your paver surface or installing a new one is the ideal time to start a maintenance plan. Following a schedule and using commercial-grade cleaning solutions will prolong the life of your investment and keep it looking beautiful long term.

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