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Paul's Pressure Washing

The Environmentally Friendly Cleaning System

The Evolution of Blend Technology

working with homeowners and providing a service that reflects a rejuvenation of one’s home and property has been an enriching experience for me. i can truly say that i enjoy doing my job and take pride in my work.

paul rose

I founded my company in September of 2013 after many months of research into pressure washing. A gentleman that went to my church and had been pressure washing for eighteen years at the time and was always willing to give me direction whenever I came upon any difficult projects.

I began pressure washing part-time on the weekends and after work.  This helped me to build a strong foundation to a company that soon would be my new career.  

In May of 2015 it made sense that my part-time job needed to become my full-time business. The company had grown enough to not only provide stability for my family, but also to give me a career that I love.

the upgrade to softwashing

Environmentally Responsible Cleaning

Over several years in business, Paul learned that there is a better way to clean homes and properties. In 2019, Paul decided to upgrade his business to a softwashing system, which enables his crew to clean more effectively and in an environmentally responsible way. Softwashing is a low-pressure cleaning method that uses eco-friendly chemistry to clean and sanitize surfaces without damaging your property, wasting water, or putting anything harmful into the air, ground, or water.

The Evolution of Blend Technology

Blend Technology is not to be confused with traditional pressure washing or downstream injection. Blend technology keeps overuse of chemicals and water to a minimum, especially compared to traditional one-batching methods.

Where our blend technology really shines is that no matter how far away from our truck we go, and no matter how high up we clean, our blend module continuously operates at the same draw rates. What does that mean for you? Less water, less waste, and therefore, controlled costs.

in use for over 25 years

Paul is very particular about the chemicals he uses on your home and property. All of our chemicals are 100% biodegradable. Over 120,000 structures have been cleaned using our technology and soft washing chemicals.

designed with purpose

Because we use state-of-the-art chemistry in our processes, a cleaning by Paul’s Pressure Washing will last 4-6 times longer than a traditional pressure washing. Soft washing is very different; it was born out of the concepts and principles of pest control as the founder had a background in horticulture. Therefore the chemicals used in our softwashing are specifically formulated for building surfaces and targeting stains and infestations at the root.

tested by pro staff

Paul cares about anything he puts into the ground, water, or air. Every softwashing product we use has already gone through a rigorous process of design, prototyping, and testing. Before the products are introduced to the market they are field tested to ensure their effectiveness, with the feedback going into the development of all the products. 

A Legacy to Uphold

Paul began his company in 2013 and has worked to steadily improve the services he offers in a way that is both ethical and environmentally sound. He takes pride in owning the leading local exterior cleaning company in Virginia Beach and the Hampton Roads area. Paul wants to leave a legacy of service to his community, rooted in faith, family, and hope.